About Us

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of influences, Mr. Hoyle sources only the finest materials, including sumptuous beaver, supple rabbit, and luxurious wool, to fashion hats that transcend mere accessories, becoming exquisite works of wearable art coveted by connoisseurs worldwide.

But Hoyle Hat is more than just a purveyor of fine headwear; it is a sanctuary for the soul of craftsmanship. Here, each creation is imbued with a sense of purpose and passion, as Mr. Hoyle and his team devote themselves wholeheartedly to the pursuit of perfection. Through tireless experimentation and a relentless pursuit of excellence, they push the boundaries of hat-making, reinventing classic styles for the modern sophisticate.

Yet, amidst the acclaim and accolades, Mr. Hoyle remains grounded in humility, attributing his success not to the collaborations or celebrities adorned in his creations, but to the invaluable lessons gleaned from trial, error, and the camaraderie of fellow artisans. For in an industry often fraught with egos and pretense, Mr. Hoyle finds solace in the company of like-minded creatives, where integrity and authenticity reign supreme.

As the sun sets over the Seattle skyline, casting an amber glow upon the cobblestone streets below, one can't help but marvel at the legacy of excellence embodied by Hoyle Hat. For here, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, craftsmanship isn't just a trade – it's a way of life. And in the hands of a master like Michael Patrick Hoyle, it becomes nothing short of artistry in motion.





Michael's dedication to his craft and his commitment to quality have made him one of the most respected haberdashers in the world, and his hats are sought after by customers from all walks of life. He continues to work out of his shop in downtown Seattle, Washington, where he can be found most days, carefully crafting the finest hats money can buy. He lives with his wife Frilancy and beautiful miniature schnauzer Nshima.